Pregnancy, Maternity, Labour & Post Natal Reflexology

pregnancyPregnancy, Maternity, Labour & Post Natal Reflexology

| 90 mins-2 hrs | €80

Each treatment includes a detailed Consultation and Aftercare Advice. 

Pregnancy / Maternity Reflexology

Pregnancy/Maternity Reflexology treatments throughout your journey will benefit your health and reduce symptoms including Nausea, Heartburn, Tiredness, Piles and any aches and pains including back pain and Sciatica.

Labour Reflexology

Labour Reflexology begins from week 37 of your Pregnancy/ Maternity journey, the Reflexology treatment is adapted to prepare your body for Labour and Lower Anxiety.

Weekly treatments are recommended at this stage. After each treatment you will be advised on how ready you are, including moving your baby into the correct position, releasing back pain and improving your overall well being. This treatment prepares you for a faster, less painful Labour.

Labour Reflexology is advised to ensure you are ready mentally and Physically for a Labour.

New Mothers have also reported that their new born is a calmer baby and sleeping patterns are more stable due to having these regular treatments.

Post Natal Reflexology

Post Natal Reflexology treatments help to balance your hormones, they speed up the healing process, increasing your energy and lowering stress.