Deluxe Treatment

2hrs-2.5hrs €90
Full Reflexology Session and 30min Massage. Treat your body to the Ultimate Therapy. Deeply relaxing and therapeutic for the whole body.

Reflexology Session

90mins-2hrs €80
Reflexology treatment with Indian Head Massage.

Therapeutic Massage

90mins €80
Includes Back, Shoulders, Neck, Arms and Head. This unique form of massage is the perfect way of relieving stress and is deeply calming and relaxing. Tension floats away through manipulation of the muscles.


90mins-2hrs €80
Reflexology & Massage 30mins of each. This combined treatment was designed for clients who require the benefits of both treatments.

Back & Shoulder Massage

50-60mins €50
Concentrating on the Back and Shoulder. This massage helps to increase joint mobility and flexibility in the Back and Shoulders

Indian Head Massage

50-60mins €50
Concentrating on the Head, Neck and Shoulders. Improving circulation to the brain this massage helps to clear the mind and release tension.

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