Fertility and PregnancyFertility | 90 mins-2 hrs | €80

Each treatment includes a detailed Consultation and Aftercare Advice. 

Sharon understands that becoming pregnant is a matter of rebalancing your life and that of your partner. These include balancing your hormones through Reflexology, adjusting your lifestyle and correcting any nutritional deficiencies.

Sharon has been assisting clients with Fertility problems for many years. This form of Reflexology is especially beneficial post Miscarriage to heal and prepare the body for a successful pregnancy

This treatment is designed to regulate the menstrual cycle, balance hormones, improve ovulation and works well in combination with IVF if required.

This treatment is only provided between day 1-10 of your cycle. If your cycle is irregular, it will regulate it.

Call Sharon for a chat about your individual needs and she will explain how it may help you.